3 Reasons NOT To Toss Those Holiday Gift Cards


Did you get a gift card this holiday season? I did. A lot of them. But what do you do with them after you spend your $15 from your secret Santa? Well one thing is for sure .. don’t throw them away! Heres Why:

Return Policies

If anyone is less thrilled about the holidays its the cashier standing for 8 hours behind the register with a long line of anxious people. However, this cashier holds all the power. Return policies very from store to store, but some might require the original form of purchase, the gift cards.


You know know how you fill out all the steps to a free trial only for it to ask for a credit card number at the end. Sneaky sneaks, but you don’t have to worry. Many of them will accept any number. So those old visa gift cards will work perfectly.

Locked Out

Ever been locked out of your house? Sometimes sliding and old plastic card between the lock of a door will pop it open. While I am not advising breaking into locked places, this can be a valuable life hack.