A Diamond on the Blockchain


A diamond is forever. ​One line that brilliantly emanates the mantra of materialistic rarity in the form of a precious stone.

A stone that takes one million years to form. A stone that is a store of value and is currently merging with the digital world.

One billion years of creation is merging with blockchain technology in this very moment. What possibilities could this produce?

What paradigm shift can such possibilities cause by updating the utility of a store of value that takes one billion years to form?

And what opportunity does it present to the modern day investor? Enter the blockchain.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are captivating the imaginations of the brightest minds in the world as they rush against the clock to formulate the foundational technologies that will change the underlying structures of our world socially, politically, and economically.

This world of diamond backed cryptocurrencies is vast and we are extremely early on the journey.

I want to position you with information on existing diamond backed cryptocurrencies so you can increase your awareness, weigh your investment options, and use this information as a tool to earn money.

We need a more secure cryptocurrency

Welcome to D1. D1 Coin is a cryptocurrency that combats the huge speculation that drives the enormous volatility of cryptocurrencies.

It combines the convenience of digital currencies with the stability of traditional assets.

And it’s backed by authentic, natural, diamonds.

D1 represents the diamonds circulating in today’s crypto economy.

All of the diamonds circulating in today’s crypto economy will be worth north of USD 1 Trillion in the future.

When you own D1, you don’t just own a cryptocurrency that alone can rise in value. You own a fraction of an institutionally certified, securely vaulted stock of high-grade diamonds.

The world’s diamond reserve is 100x more resilient than the US dollar.
D1 is named after the economics term M1, referring to base monetary supply.

When you own a dollar (surely, you own quite a few), you own a 10% fraction of the total M1 of USD at $3.6 trillion.

When you own D1, you are literally owning a fraction of the world’s diamond reserve.

Why Tokenize Diamonds, anyway?

The current diamond investment market is limited and old, and presents a multitude of problems:

  1. Diamonds are heterogenous. ​Each stone is unique and value will differ across appraisals.
  2. Illiquid. ​Diamond sales are a treacherous process and the outcome often results in a markdown in value.

3. Expensive. ​The unit price of each diamond is a barrier to potential buyers.D1 came up with three solutions:

  1. Fungible. ​Each D1 token is identical allowing for mutual interchangeability or replacement of identical items.
  2. Liquid. ​Transfers of the D1 tokens are quick, painless, and have low transaction fees. You can quickly and easily buy and sell D1 because volume is high and growing every day with exchanges like Bitfinex, which is one of the largest bitcoin exchanges in the world. D1 also brings liquidity to the world of diamonds. Cryptoassets run 24 hours unlike traditional markets running on set times Monday through Friday. The phrase “money never sleeps” isn’t true. It is Crypto that never sleeps.
  3. Accessible. ​For the first time in history a large number of units can be minted at a low price.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile due to being valued purely by market forces. But Diamonds are stable.

Diamonds have displayed price stability and long term appreciation for thousands of years.

How does one invest in a fraction of a diamond? The diamond, being the hardest mineral on Earth, cannot have its physical form broken down cheaply or efficiently.

What if one wants to own 1% of a diamond? What tools that exist today allow an investor to own fractions of a diamond?

None. Until now. Until the advent incarnation of the blockchain.

Diamonds will become more sophisticated

These stones carry a vast amount of precious information which can be stored on the blockchain. How does one absolutely ensure or differentiate individual stones from one another with full confidence?

The blockchain will be able to track the exact moment a diamond seen the light of day after being underground for billions of years.

Imagine a father whom can be ensured that the diamond he purchased his daughter seen its first light on her birthday.

Imagine being able to verify with 100% certainty where a diamond was sourced and its journey from being frozen in time under the Earth’s crust.

The additional information on the blockchain will open up a vast new aspect to collections, auctions, numerology and astrology which will result in a growing demand for natural diamonds.

Buy D1 coins and exchange them for Diamonds.The amount of D1 coins you hold is correlated to 0.5, 1, 2.5, and 3 carat lots.

Currently, the D1 token is available to purchase on Bitfinex, Poloniex, Exmo, Bittrex, and Kcoin. Liquidity is plentiful on these exchanges and growing by the day.

And when you purchase the D1 coins, you can literally exchange them for their value in diamonds.

Available diamond cuts include Round, Princess, Oval, Marquise, Pear, Emerald, Cushion, and Asscher.

The D1 Ecosystem

There is an ecosystem to the D1 coin that is the engine which drives the brilliance of this token. It includes:

  1. The D1 Mint: Issues new D1 coins for each new diamond and controls the overall D1 coin supply.
  2. D1 Diamond Suppliers: Reputable diamonds dealers, initial suppliers include Alrosa, KGK Group, and Kristall Smolensk.
  3. D1 Reserve: Custodian for diamonds stored in secured vaults in Singapore and Antwerp.

Transparency and Security are Paramount

D1 maintains the 4 “Y”s to provide users with the highest level of transparency and security available.

TRANSPARENC”Y”:​ D1 Coin employs a multi-ledger blockchain system that records the transaction details of owners tokens and the inventory of diamonds, including provenance.

VERIT”Y”: ​Third party accounting firms like Baker Tilly perform unbiased audits on the underlying diamond inventory.

CUSTOD”Y”: ​Diamonds will be stored in secured vaults with Brink’s and Malca-Amit in Singapore and Switzerland. Insured by Lloyd’s, the D1 Diamond inventory is fully secure.

CONVERTIBILIT”Y”: ​D1 coin owners can redeem D1 coins for diamonds at any time and in any amount. Users can choose to pick up the diamond at the vault of select international delivery.

The Future

The current D1 private sale is live. Since D1 is based on the ethereum blockchain, 1 ETH = 4,983 D1. As of the time of this writing, $9,056,084 has been raised with a hard cap of $130,000,000.

This investment is a no-brainer for cryptocurrency investors. Just take a look at the advisors and team:

For advisors you have Alexei Chekunkov, who is the CEO of the Far East and Baikal Region Development Fund and serves on the Supervisory Board of Alrosa.

Sandeep Kothari who is a IT startup investor in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics and the Founder of CarPrice with 50 offices around the globe.

You have Dr. Thomas Borer who from 1999-2002 was the Swiss Ambassador in the Federal Republic Germany.

Bernard Lunn? He is the CEO of Daily Fintech and the author of Mindshare to MarketShare and The Blockchain Economy.

For the team you have Hogi Hyun. This is the gentleman that founded Abacus Capital in 1995 and is the managing director who oversees all investment and advisory activities. He graduated cum laude from Yale University in 1985, studied at the Beijing Foreign Languages institute and Fudan University in Shanghai, and holds the Grand Diplome from La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine in Paris.

Wait, there is more. he holds the Diplôme Universitaire d’Aptitude à la Dégustation des vins from the University of Bordeaux.

We have Jeff Wentworth, a co-founder of Curvegrid. He spent six years at Goldman Sachs as Vice President and global product owner of block and object storage and holds a degree in Computer Engineering.

Bill Claxton is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in the tech industry. He is the current operations director at Ledgeris, a new partnership focused on blockchain technology. He is also an early bitcoin investor and has been active in the IT scene in Singapore for over 20 years.

Finally, William Metcalfe. William is a a co-founder of Curvegrid and was the CTO of Gilt Japan. After joining as one of the first Gilt employees in NYC, he helped grow Gilt from its first order to become of the leading ecommerce sites in the world.

Recommendation? Buy.

This is very early to get in on a diamond backed cryptocurrency like D1. It’s still in a private sale which you can join. The demand for asset backed cryptocurrencies will only grow larger to combat the volatility in traditional cryptocurrency markets.

The D1 team is phenomenal, the emphasis on transparency and regulatory security is beyond reassuring, and the very idea they are pursuing will in my opinion change the diamond market forever.

A diamond ​is f​ orever, they say.
Now, a diamond, is on the blockchain. Farewell.


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